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Complete Sofware Developemnt

We offer software development in VB Script. VB.NET. We can develop a full cycle software program or a simple to complicated phone application. We also offer desktop development and web development.

Green technology, sustainable business practices

Getting It All Done!

All of your Technology Needs, completed by one point of contact. From Networking to Software Development, we are getting the job done in a green development environment



TJD Web Solutions provides a suite of technology consulting services to address the full range of our customers' and partners' networking needs and solve their networking and cyber-security issues.

Strong Web Design
And SEO Services

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Responsive Web Development

Today's web sites have to be responsive in their use. The need to be able to adjust from a computer screen to a tablet and to a phone. If they don't then your phone users don't see all the sight without having to slide their screen back and forth. Responsive web design enables your customers to be able to view the whole site by just scrolling up and down. A responsive web site that has the ability to attract your customers and keep them there with pertinent information and easy navigation is crucial to your businesses success.


Making it look great is only part of the task. Getting it to rank well in the search engines is the most important aspect of good web site developmnet. Giving you peak search engine optimization is the main part of our web design system.


Simply finding a hosting company that is affordable is only a small part of the process. You should be looking for a company that offers a backup service, hosts in high DNS zones, offers 24/7 technical support, provides services to the consumer like SSL certificates, domain registration, email services and more. We are a full service hosting company with Tier 1 connectivity and a wide range of services.

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Three Levels Of Hosting

database management and design

Database Services

Whether it be resource management, finances, project administration, sales/marketing support, product management, job tracking, manufacturing, e–commerce, or other critical areas of your operation, your growth and competitive position will be determined by how you manage and react to information. TJD Web Solutions helps by providing leading edge technical, development, and business expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.