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More Quality Services

Database Design and Management

Most websites require a back end database and we offer that with our design services but we also do independent database management and design including database diagram, and database analysis. This service can help you identify vulnerabilities in your current structure and improvement in your security.


Whether you need full fledged cyber-security or cabling, firewall installation or an analysis of your current network and it's vulnerabilities, TJD Web Solutions has the knowledge and the resources to get you secure and setup and running. Our team can analyze your system from a distance or on-site. We can setup your servers, run cable and have you secure and running in no time.

Computer Sales & Service

We offer a complete computer and peripherals repair service and also sell a complete line of computers and accessories. Our technicians can diagnose your computer remotely or on site. This service is offered to all of Northwest Georgia and Southern South Carolina

Monthly Feature


Shared, VPS & Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting is only $15 a month a $5 per month savings

VPS Hosting is only $62 a month a $13 a month savings

Dedicated hosting is only $275 a month a $20 per month savings

There are bigger discounts for yearly plans