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TJD Web Solutions provides a suite of technology consulting services to address the full range of our customers' and partners' networking needs. TJD Web Solutions consultants combine deep industry and distributed computer networking technology with our experience to design and integrate server solutions quickly and effectively. Through such services, TJD transforms the speed, reliability and total cost of ownership of software applications and services. We help clients realize maximum business value through our self-managed, guaranteed distributed computing platform while transferring knowledge, satisfying customers and collaborating with our partners.

Building a Relationship

Working side by side with clients internal IT departments and key partners, TJD Web Solutions is committed to transferring knowledge and empowering clients to ensure that their distributed computing technology and networking needs are met holistically. We help clients meet application speed, resiliency and reliability challenges and the increasingly critical resource predictability and optimization challenges through use of the latest technologies available. TJD helps transform client businesses by successfully providing the following:

  • •Consulting services which validate, implement and optimize server and networking technology solutions.
  • •Architecture and design services for High Performance Computing (HP) environments and computationally and data-intensive, distributed (clustered) applications.
  • •High Availability Cluster (HAC) solutions to firms that require guaranteed uptime and service execution, mission critical 24x7 applications reliability with maximum processing capacity, and unlimited scalability.
  • •Custom integration and migration services for both proprietary and third party distributed (clustered) applications.
  • •Worldwide customer support coverage through the entire project life cycle that can be scaled to meet a variety of needs, including around-the-clock support
  • •Education/training services to teach Server and networking technology and the surrounding technology skills necessary to become independent.
  • •Enterprise-wide solutions to consolidate, standardize and re-engineer cluster technology through shared compute farms to support multiple business units.

Uniquely Qualified to Deliver Cluster Technology Services

TJD consultants offer a unique access to internal product knowledge and resources.This provides you with the highest possible levels of service, industry expertise, and helps customers attain their business, networking and technology objectives, our consultants often work with independent key developers, support groups and key global integration partners to ensure the successful delivery of your project. We use proven best practices for innovative, distributed computing and networking solutions as well as an expertise for every stage of technology design, integration and operational support.

Our professionals perform a business context diagnostic, identify value opportunities, and lead strategic direction sessions.

  • •Replace existing distributed computing systems/platforms
  • •Implement new cluster technology
  • •Enable more accurate analytics and simulations
  • •Migrate processing from UNIX to low-cost Lintel/Wintel
  • •Cloud Technology

Computer And Network Security

We have many great security features and firewall installation tools to help you keep your system and network protected from viruses and hackers. We specialize in Watchguard Firewall Installations for all types of networks.

Our approach helps guide clients in their decision-making process and focus the selection process on critical business issues.

  • •Reduce processing from hours to minutes
  • •Enable intra day revaluation from end-of-day
  • •Increase simulation accuracy by 5x
  • •Increase utilization of heterogeneous CPU resources
  • •Demonstrate ease of integration with client applications
  • •Demonstrate both application and system fault tolerance

Working closely with clients, our teams integrate production code, create custom interfaces and assist in operational deployments. Utilizing our domain expertise, our teams quickly deliver integrated solutions and transfer our implementation best practices to client teams.

  • •C/C++ (DLL, LIB, .SO)
  • •Java (JAR)§ Batch and scripts
  • •XML/SOAPS Microsoft .NET
  • •Java web applications

Project Management

  • •Coordinate all aspects of Server integration projects including planning, reporting, and coordinating with all businesses and core processes. Our team serves as the program management office for large-scale Server implementations.
  • • Our industry knowledge, technology expertise and management experience in implementing enterprise-wide projects provide invaluable leadership to an engagement's success.
  • • Program manage worldwide Server implementation across multiple business units. •Specializing in cross platforming and integrating personalized software designs and packages for each individual business.
  • •We can design programs specific to your companies needs. From the ground floor programming to the implementation and follow-up.
  • •Coordinate internal/external global teams

Cyber Security

Watchguard Firewall Systems

WatchGuard® is the trusted partner in network security for thousands of small and mid-size businesses worldwide. Every model in their Firebox® family of solutions is tailored to meet the security and management needs of businesses that require comprehensive, multi layered network protection, intuitive management, expert guidance and support, and scalability with no hidden costs.

Their solutions combine award-winning firewall/VPN appliances with zero day attack prevention, anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, and URL filtering in one fully integrated solution - the best Unified Threat Management in their class.

TJD Web Solutions specializes in Watchguard installations and work hand in hand with our clients to insure that the system they choose meets and exceeds the specifications you provide.

Security Appliances

Firebox® X family of Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances integrate built-in zero day attack prevention with multiple security capabilities on a single firewall platform for powerful multi-layered protection. Cooperative communication between layers reduces and fine tunes the processing required by the security functions. The result - you get the protection you need to stay safe without sacrificing performance. Easy to install and maintain, Firebox X UTM solutions also reduce the time and costs associated with managing multiple-point solutions.

Firebox® SSL Core™ VPN Gateway is the hassle-free VPN solution that provides universal access to applications and network resources for workers on the go. You get robust, secure access out of the box without additional costs, reconfiguration, development work, or administrative headaches.

Security Services

Our flexible solutions allow you to easily add any of our powerful security services to enhance protection in critical attack areas, and manage them from one integrated management console. Security services include anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, and URL filtering capabilities for comprehensive Unified Threat Management.

Management Software

WatchGuard management software provides an easy-to-use unified management console for all Firebox X appliances and security services. Whether you are an IT expert or a security novice, you'll find that the integrated management and interactive real-time monitoring and logging capabilities of our solutions provide indispensable ease of use when configuring and managing your security.

Expert Guidance and Support

Their LiveSecurity® Service is the most comprehensive support and maintenance offering in the industry. This subscription-based service offers up-to-the-minute security warnings, software updates, technical support, advance hardware replacement, training and tutorials, and other self-help resources.

Clients rely on us to review their existing system components and define in detail proposed distributed architectures. We design a Server solution with the ability to tackle the largest compute- and data-intensive problems, and provide a road map for implementation and roll out for GWN, EWN WAN AND LAN networking solutions.

  • •Trading and risk management systems
  • •Financial analytics and Monte Carlo simulations
  • •Cash flow generators
  • •Distributed data caching
  • •Third party vendor systems
  • •Intra day and end-of-day processing
  • •Web-based applications
  • •SQL Database setup
  • •SQL Server
  • •Database Connectivity
  • •Batch Processing
  • •Event logging management
  • •Information Accessibility
  • •Programming and Cross Platforming for all types of applications
  • •Complete connectivity large or small, Global or Enterprise wide system.
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