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We provide full service on any existing computer, troubleshoot any system problems as well as service most office servers/workstations and printers and most small office/home office units, etc. We troubleshoot and evaluate most crashed systems and crashed hard drives and offer "same day" and "after-hours" emergency service. For your convenience, we will come to your location to minimize your down time. We service and repair most brands, makes and models of computers, notebooks and laptops as well as most software and peripherals, printers and networks.

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Call us, we will give you an estimate as to what we expect your service to cost. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you to have us come to your house or business. Most services can be done quickly, on site, on the first visit.

Virus Removal

Computer Viruses have become more common than the common cold. It seems like you can't browse a web page, read an email, download a piece of software, open a word processing document, or even put a disk in your computer without worrying about getting a virus. Once they infect a computer they actively look for other computers on the network or the Internet and try to infect them without you doing anything but turning your computer on. Tech Expert Services can help you discover existing viruses and spy ware programs on your computers and provide you with a solution for a completely clean system.

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Keeping Your Computers And Business Running Smoothly

TJD Web Solutions computer repair services offer: Residential and small to medium sized business computer support including printers and servers, Northeast Georgia PC service and PC repair. Our computer specialists on call can solve all of your computer repair needs. We rebuild and install computers and we can transfer old data to your new computer, install wireless networks and LAN or connect multiple computers, and setup printers & scanners. We install and upgrade all sorts of computer PC peripherals, support and install laptop software, perform OS and applications upgrades, and can transfer data from old PCs to new ones. If it is computer related we can fix, upgrade or provide support to you.

We can perform a PC Tune-up that provides increased performance, and set up computer backups, along with wireless network security, and virus protection. TJD Web Solutions provides computer support in Northeast Georgia and all across the Northeast Georgia area. Ask our techs to go and solve all of your computer repair and PC support needs. Contact TJD Web Solutions today at 888-873-3432 to schedule your PC computer service or PC repair. All of our products and services come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee!

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Database Design and Management

Most websites require a back end database and we offer that with our design services but we also do independent database management and design including database diagram, and database analysis. This service can help you identify vulnerabilities in your current structure and improvement in your security.


Whether you need full fledged cyber-security or cabling, firewall installation or an analysis of your current network and it's vulnerabilities, TJD Web Solutions has the knowledge and the resources to get you secure and setup and running. Our team can analyze your system from a distance or on-site. We can setup your servers, run cable and have you secure and running in no time.

Graphic Design

Your logo is the first thing people notice when they come to your site so it needs to stand out and be stunning. Our graphic design services can give you a complete logo set and all other graphics you need.

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Shared, VPS & Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting is only $15 a month a $5 per month savings

VPS Hosting is only $62 a month a $13 a month savings

Dedicated hosting is only $275 a month a $20 per month savings

There are bigger discounts for yearly plans