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January 16, 2020
by: Timothy Dennis
Category: Wind Generation

New Age Wind Generation

Vortex bladeless wind generators are taking the wind industry by storm and are creating new advances in wind turbines without the turbine.

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January 21, 2020
by: Timothy Dennis
Category: Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power

CSP systems can supply solar power on-demand through the use of thermal storage, helping to address grid integration challenges related to the variability of solar energy and enabling solar-generated heat to be stored until electricity is needed, even after the sun sets.

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February 17, 2020
by: Timothy Dennis
Category: Other Alternative Energy

Utilizing Our Natural Resources

We have the ability to retrofit a vast number of dams in the U.S. By providing money to our infrastructure. We have chosen not to do this because of heavy lobbying by the oil companies and environmentalist spewing bunk about the ecological damage.

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