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Solar Power

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth -- 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously. That's more than 10,000 times the world's total energy use.

Today, demand for solar in the United States is at an all-time high. The amount of solar power installed in the U.S. has increased more than 23 times over the past eight years -- from 1.2 gigawatts (GW) in 2008 to an estimated 27.4 GW at the end of 2015. That’s enough energy to power the equivalent of 5.4 million average American homes, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. The U.S. is currently the third-largest solar market in the world and is positioned to become the second.

Current solar technology includes CSP(Concentrated Solar Power)Learn More>>>

At TJD Web Solutions we are using the most advanced solar technologies including CSP and a photovoltaic panel that is ten times more powerful then the standard used today. With the drop 9in solar installation and equipment prices it is becoming more viable to implement solar technology for the home and business. Contact Us Today


Can geothermal power get as mainstream and accessible as solar and wind energy? According to the Swedish company Climeon, with their newest technology, it can – and for an even better price than the above. Geothermal power is a great solution to our energy problem: it’s flexible, it provides energy whenever we need it and it’s not that bad for our environment. It's green, adaptable and cheaper than wind and solar. Sounds perfect, right? Current technology, however, limits its applications. In this article, you can read how Climeon claims to overcome these problems with their technology.

Geothermal heat is a sustainable alternative to natural gas. When using geothermal heat, no greenhouse gasses are released, making this an excellent renewable energy source. Geothermal energy is nothing new. Did you know that geothermal heat has been used on our planet for more than 100,000 thousand years? There are plenty of examples, such as the ancient Roman baths. In 2013, there was a utility-scale geothermal capacity of more than 11,700 MW on a global level. A record, because it was bringing forth more than 68 billion KWh. That is enough for the household electricity of more than six million households. The World Energy Council forecasts in a research paper that “geothermal energy can supply more than 8% of our earth's power supply, a factor that is likely to propel the revenue-generating potential of Geothermal Energy Market over the years to come. TJD Web Solutions is actively pursuing this technology because it is no longer confined to geothermal areas of the world.

Tidal Power

Tidal power is one of the major renewable energy sources, but also one of the most infantile. What are some tidal energy advantages and disadvantages to consider when looking to invest in this relatively green energy source?

Using the power of the tides, energy is produced from the gravitational pull from both the moon and the sun, which pulls water upwards, while the Earth’s rotational and gravitational power pulls water down, thus creating high and low tides. This movement of water from the changing tides is a natural form of kinetic energy.

All it takes is a steam generator, tidal turbine or the more innovative dynamic tidal power (DTP) technology to turn kinetic energy into electricity.

Cutting edge wind generation techniques

The current technology uses the standard windmill type wind turbine but the old days are fading and the new more effient style is on it's way to the forefront

These new wind generators are more efficient less obtrusive to the landscape and can produce electricity at much lower wind speeds. They are less harmful to wildlife and provide interior space to do a multitude of things. Learn More>>>



Hydropower is energy in moving water

People have a long history of using the force of water flowing in streams and rivers to produce mechanical energy. Hydropower was one of the first sources of energy used for electricity generation and is the largest single renewable energy source for electricity generation in the United States.

In 2018, hydroelectricity accounted for about 7% of total U.S. utility-scale electricity generation and 41% of total utility-scale electricity generation from renewable energy sources. Hydroelectricity’s share of total U.S. electricity generation has decreased over time, mainly because electricity generation from other sources has increased.

Hydropower relies on the water cycle

Understanding the water cycle is important to understanding hydropower. The water cycle has three steps:

  1. Solar energy heats water on the surface of rivers, lakes, and oceans, which causes the water to evaporate.
  2. Water vapor condenses into clouds and falls as precipitation—rain and snow.
  3. Precipitation collects in streams and rivers, which empty into oceans and lakes, where it evaporates and begins the cycle again.

The amount of precipitation that drains into rivers and streams in a geographic area determines the amount of water available for producing hydropower. Seasonal variations in precipitation and long-term changes in precipitation patterns, such as droughts, have a big impact on hydropower production.

Learn More>>>

Methane Gas Acceptable Bio-Fuel

Methane is also the main ingredient in natural gas. Because methane can be captured from landfills, it can be burned to produce electricity, heat buildings, or power garbage trucks. ... Methane rises to the top of the landfill and is collected in pipes. The methane is burned to produce heat or generate electricity.May

Methane is a greenhouse gas and the capture of it from landfills and livestock facilities helps reduce the emission of thise gases and can contribute to our energy needs.

This is a plus-plus. TJD Web Solutions activly supports this process and is pursuing systems and technology for it's promotion.

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