Providing a path to sustainability

Protecting our environment and natual resources

Reverse Engineering

Utilizing what does exist and creating what doesn't exist. Giving you cutting edge technology and resources that are renewable and sustainable. Learn More>>>

Profesional Workers

Our team is diverse ranging from multiple engineering fields to environmentalist, horticulturists and green technology experts.
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Green Energy

Solar Power, Wind Power, Geothermal, Methane and Hydropower are all forms of Green/Aternative energy.
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Envionmental Protection

Protecting our planet and it's natural resources is our top priority and we gear all our tasks towards that goal.
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Alternative Energy

Moving away from petroleum and other fossil fuels is no longer a choice but a neccesity. We are ahead of the game.
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We provide hydroponic systems powered by green energy to obtain "True Organics" grown in a pure environment.
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Wind Generation

There is a new player in the wind generation field that is a game changer and we are at the cutting edge of creating energy efficient wind farms and reducing land usage.

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Next Generation Organics

Hydroponics and the organic produce industry is no longer held back by the high cost of energy and water consumption. Alternative energy and reclaimed water are the key.

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Latest Technology

New wind generation systems, Solar panels that are ten times more efficient and a modular designed hydroponics facility that use both, we are at the cutting edge of technology.

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TJD Web Solutions Green Technology Division supplies green technology services and systems for the energy and organic industry

We are proud to be a part of this field that is striving to protect our planet and it's resources.

We are spending over $300 million dollars in the next 18 months to create an alternative energy grid and a self contained hydroponics facility that can produce competitively priced fruits and vegetables that are "True Organic"

Client’s Testimonials

We produce or supply Green Technology

We produce Systems and supply Services for Green Technology

Our company has provided technology for the I/T industry for over thirty-five years. In the last decade we realized the need to expand our expertise to the green environment.

The result has been beyond our wildest dreams. We are now producing alternative energy products, organic grow facilities and have combined the two. We hope to create a nationwide energy grid and mass produce our state of the art hydroponic systems.

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