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Hydroponics: No Longer A Bad Aura

For the last few decades hydroponics has had the associaton of being only for growing cannabis. This is no longer true.

Nowadays hydroponics are being used to grow organic fruits and vegetables all over the world. Taking this industry to a new height and greater exposure.

Hydroponics systems are emerging as the new norm for the growth of fruits and vegetables.

At TJD Web Solutions we are taking hydroponics to the next level by incorporating alternative energy to power the system and do water recovery and filtration.

We are growing the best quality produce at competitive prices.

Current Myths

The primary problem with hydroponic systems, aquaponic systems, and almost all indoor growing systems is that they do not provide the calorie-rich foods that are needed for food security.

The vast majority of these systems produce only vegetables, and especially low-calorie vegetables like lettuce, kale, chard, spinach, herbs, etc. Human beings cannot survive on these types of foods.

Only four categories of staple foods are capable of keeping a human alive for an extended period of time: calorie-rich root crops (potatoes, onions, turnips, beets, etc.), domesticated grain crops (wheat, barley, corn, rice, etc.), tree crops (fruits and nuts), and meat and dairy products from animals.

We have conquered all these things. We can grow root crops, grains and fruit trees in our hydroponics systems.

Please Contact Us Today and get started with your hydroponics system


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