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Intuitive, compelling design and the development of seamless, secure integration comprising a variety of processes are the foundation of the client-focused web solutions delivered by TJD Web Solutions web development. So is keeping track of and suggesting the best solutions for your web applications. Applying our considerable design and technology expertise, we can provide the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Simply providing the needed programming is strategic but hardly complete for an effective web site. See our complete web design and SEO offerings.

Does your company still use a standard, static web site (commonly known as the brochure site)? While static sites can continue to meet the basic needs of some organizations, the implementation of dynamic, database-driven content always makes a site much more useful, and this type of web development is no longer cost prohibitive for most budgets. We'll connect your web site to your database, or create and normalize the databases you wish you had. We utilize tools and technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Java servlets, Cold Fusion, Macromedia Flash, and others.

We also offer software development in VB Script. VB.NET. All our programming is SQL Server 2008-20016 driven and can be done in C++, C#, F# and VB.Net

Although most sites require a standard configuration we also think outside the box and stay up to date on the latest technologies from ™Sharepoint Technology to Linux and Windows Based operating systems and servers. We will work with your existing IT Staff and train them in the latest technologies and present a full outline explaining the advantages of one choice versus another. Your satisfaction and success is our success. We are partnering with you to help us both achieve success in our fields of expertise. This makes for a continuing relationship. No programming service would be complete without offering the client the opportunity to give their input as to what their needs and goals are. Where do you want to be, say in two years, five years or even ten years. Our technology and expertise in programming and database design, implementation and management allow for infinite expansion and compatibility with the latest and newest technologies available. Our services are all provided by certified programmers and our staff has over 100 years of combined experience. We are a full service I/T solutions company. There is no need to shop at five or six different companies. Get all your needs met under one roof.

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With any programming needs, especially those related to web development it is necessary to have a back-end database.

TJD Web Solutions takes both a professional and a personal pride in building, supporting, and integrating quality custom relational database applications. Our robust development and consulting team will study your existing information infrastructure along with your objectives to work with you on a development plan that addresses your unique needs. Working closely with you, as our partner we assemble your solution. Whether you're looking to eliminate duplicate addresses within your data file, standardize your mailing list to postal regulations, or presort your list for maximum postal discounts, TJD Web Solutions can meet all your data processing needs. TJD Web Solutions is a data processing provider with over 25 years of experience, innovation and industry know-how. Offering fast, cost-effective solutions for all your data needs. TJD Web Solutions offers a variety of services designed to ensure that your message gets out to your intended distribution list. We will customize a program that suits your specific needs.

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